Currently based in Vancouver, Canadian photographer Steve Dynie is critically recognized for his evocative series of long-exposure photographs that examine the way natural beauty can serve as a catalyst for meditative self-awareness. In his series Monoliths, weathered land formations and seastacks appear luminous and quietly poetic. The series Great Days uses everyday activities and popular places as a lure to consider the potential for childlike wonder still latent in the world. And in Unforgiving Surf - shot in black and white around Oahu’s famed North Shore - Dynie values both the spiritual and sculptural aspects of big wave surfing. His work is intimate, spare and emotionally engaging. 
Over the last few years, Steve Dynie has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions and been repeatedly honoured at many International Photo competitions such as the PX3 Awards, the Fine Art Photography Awards, the Moscow Foto Awards as well as the prestigious International Photography Awards for his thoughtfully-composed scenes. 
Steve Dynie lives with his wife and two young daughters in East Vancouver and travels frequently on photography projects.